If you are involved with a club or association with access to a suitable room and would like to hold a private screening of 152@90 (or indeed, one of OMF's other productions), OMF can support you with a complete mobile cinema including a large 100" screen, digital projector, HD player and audio system.

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The first screening of 152@90 was at the Hesketh Golf Club in Southport some ten days prior to official release of the film.

But why private?

By law, to screen a film publicly in the UK requires a BBFC age classification. The process is quite expensive (the certificate for our Tariro feature movie cost £1000) which does not sit very well with OMF's primary target of raising funds to donate to charity. So we have not submitted 152@90 for consideration.

A private screening is where the audience is invited and films screened do not require a BBFC classification.

If you would like to hold a screening, use the contact form and we will take it from there.