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The two charities supported by 152@90 and The Tiger Returns were Queenscourt Hospice and the Anti-Trafficking Unit of the Salvation Army.

Serving Southport and the surrounding area, Queenscourt Hospice is well known. With a total reliance on voluntary donations, just keeping its doors open costs more than £3,000,000 per year, so the monies raised by this film will be put to good use.

As illustrated by OMF's Tariro feature movie, human trafficking in Britain is a huge problem. Nationally the Government have contracted the Salvation Army to be the first response to victims and some members of the Southport Corps and the OMF team are involved with that support. Electing to donate some of the funds raised by 152@90 to the Unit was an easy decision.

£300 was presented to representatives of the Salvation Army and Queenscourt Hospice at the private screening on 4th May 2016 by director Ian W Bennett MBKS and a further £100 has been raised since.